Paw Patrol


This past week we went to Paw Patrol Live. First off, it was not that great of a show. I should have researched a little bit – but think puppets where you can see the puppeteer. I did not expect to see the humans on the dogs. And then the whole Skye flying in the air with the person holding the stick. It was all a little strange to me. Harrison LOVED it and honestly that is all that really matters.

What bothered me even more than the puppeteers was probably the crowd around us. Don’t get me wrong – I planned on loud kids and I even planned for the screamer behind me, but what I didn’t plan on was the lack of etiquette. People were coming 15-30 minutes after the show started, standing in front of the people that were already in their spots trying to find their spots, there was one lady telling people to “move out of her way” when we were all headed up the same flight of stairs to the same location, and then the best was about 10 minutes before the show ended there were several trying to leave before the crowds. In theory that last part is fine, BUT if you are getting ready to leave, then leave, but do not decide “oh hey, this is fun to watch, let me stand right here in front of the people who are still seated and watch right here instead of leaving”.

While on this subject, please remember to pull over or slow down for funeral processions. Oh, and if you are in a funeral procession – is it really ok to climb out of the sunroof and dance? I’m just not so sure on this one, but to each their own.



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