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Unroll Me

The other day I was mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook feed and I saw a friend post about I am fairly certain that some company has sold my e-mail address to all sorts of random marketing companies because one day out of the blue I had 75 junkie emails come into my box. I’m the person with the “no unread e-mails” vs the person with thousands of unread emails solely because I do not like having the little red dots on my phone apps.

Anyway, I tried my best to keep up with unsubscribing all of the time, but it felt like a full time job. Enter in the day I see my friend’s FB post. I checked it out and it seemed fairly easy. Basically you log into the site and give them permission to enter into your email and then they find out what you are subscribed to. I had a few hundred e-mail subscriptions. You simply choose which e-mails you want to unsubscribe, keep, or roll.

Unsubscribe means you are done with them – goodbye! Keep means that you will still receive them in your inbox. I kept things like messages from my kids’ schools or sites that I need to hear from. THEN, the magic is the roll button. You take all of the e-mails that you still want to get, but do not want to clutter your e-mail, and add them to your roll. Each day you get ONE e-mail with all of them in a blog like roll form. You can then choose if you want to open them or not. So you still get them, but in one e-mail! This is what my e-mail looks like when they come.


At the top of the e-mail it states any new subscriptions the service has found within your e-mail.

It seemed to take a few days to catch all of the subscriptions, but in general it has been great! You can sometimes see an e-mail pop into your inbox, but then go away immediately. I think because it goes into your mail and then the service rolls it. The best part is that it is free! I’m giving this the Henninger family seal of approval and rate it a 5 out of 5.


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