Mug Shot

It’s funny. Over the past few years I have browsed several blogs and professional people sites. I don’t even know what the correct term for those people would be?? Anyway, there is a constant theme. The mug shot. You know, where they are just sitting there enjoying a cup of coffee staring so beautifully into the camera. I did my own little selfie photo shoot with a coffee mug the other morning. I think mine would fit right in…


I started with this little gem that my husband’s uncle purchased for me one summer. To be fair I’m not a crabby person, but when you wake someone from a dead sleep {when they aren’t feeling well} there might be some jumping and fist throwing because you think you are being attacked. Just saying…2017-01-10-12-24-57

Then I decided that I needed an over sized mug because that is another trend. Please, let us all remember that I do not do selfies. Ok, well, I do them, but they are horrible. As are videos where I video myself. I just stink. But, I make the best of what I’ve got to work with. Another disclosure, I don’t even drink coffee. I cannot stand the taste. Honestly I do not even drink anything with caffeine. Occasionally I will have a coke, but not after noon because if consumed after that time I will not go to sleep until 3AM. I do have a spark drink in the mornings, but that is always before 9AM and I love those on workout days!

Speaking of working out – which I must say is more like me grumbling and being tortured – I have to share my love for the Qalo rings. They are perfect for the gym or to wear just because you love the look! There are tons of colors and you don’t have to worry about your finger getting yanked off from regular jewelry. John has a grey one and mine is a lovely turquoise. We bought them off of Amazon {click for link to check them out!}. There is a

specific Qalo brand. but basically any sort of silicone works!



Report cards came in this week, and while we knew Heidi would have all high marks, the part I am most excited about is the tardy part – only one for the entire year. GO US!! If you were at the church school with us you would probably remember us running in each and every morning barely making it in time. Apparently we have turned over a new leaf.


Took Heidi out for a little girls outing today. I needed some surgery to my feet and Heidi always looks adorable with color on her nails – plus Harry was in school so we took advantage of being able to have girl time!


And then to close – my view of Heidi during any other time of the day that she is around.



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