We are still going through poop here in the Henninger household. Basically we have to continue this until he poops clear – ggrrreeaattt. While in the midst of poop-isodes we started working on Harrison’s bedroom. One wall project is complete – just waiting on one more picture that should arrive tomorrow. Once that arrives I’ll post, so hopefully tomorrow!

Movie night was last night and we drew names on who got to choose. This makes it fair so that each person gets to choose once a month. John’s name was chosen, but he forfeited and I got to choose. Princess Diaries was my choice 🙂 Harrison came and cuddled up next to me and then fell asleep. Poor guy, at least his bowels are clearing out.

Today we had a little birthday party for my niece – of course it involved cake. Yum! I need to mention. I looked at the background of a picture and saw my oldest niece – I thought it was me at first – a skinny version, but me nonetheless. Isn’t it random how your nieces and nephews can favor you more than your own kids?



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