Right now I am taking a bit of “veg” time – much overdue and needed. The kids are asleep and John is playing cards, so I am cuddled up on the comfy couch with a blanket and Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Before watching the newest season I wanted to re-watch all of the previous seasons. Maybe I’ll finish in 5 years or so.

John and I ventured to Lowes the other day to grab items for Harrison’s room. Some other items arrived this week and to say Harrison was excited is an understatement. He was dancing and squealing all around. I’m not sure if it was because the cleanse he’s on is working or if he was just that excited.


You want to know more about the cleanse we are on? Sure. I’ll tell you. I’ve stepped in poop a few times and my floor is spotless because I have mopped all of the poop areas. Poor little bud has not pooped in about a month and we are making up for that right now. I promise you he has lost over 5 pounds since this cleanse started. I’ll spare you the pictures I’ve texted to John during the poop-capades. But below is our life at the moment. I thought the pull-ups were going to be a nightmare because Harrison will only wear underwear, BUT since they were Ironman it went very well.



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