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The other day I was talking to a group about what they were thankful for in 2016. I love hearing what people are most thankful for and what they are hoping for in the future. There was one particular conversation that did not sit well with me at all. In fact, I’m still mulling over it and whether or not to say something about their attitude.

Apparently, from their statement – “My 2016 sucked and I can’t think of anything to be thankful for”. I was literally left speechless and I think I mustered an “ok, well, then…” and walked off. Really, I had no clue what to say. There was not one single thing they could think of to be thankful? Not their health, that they have a job, a place to live, a healthy family – nothing?

I was talking to my husband about it and for a couple of days I kept wanting to bring it up to this person. In 2009 I had what is to date my worst year. To say it “sucked” is an understatement. I buried my first child, I lost my job, I was violated at a GYN appointment, and I thought my 2nd pregnancy was going to end badly as well – just to name the top ones that are still in my brain. But I vividly remembering walking boldly into 2010 with hope and thankfulness.

Grief was still fresh and I was approaching the year mark of my son’s death. Yet, I was still thankful. I was thankful to have my health, my husband, our dog, our new house. I was thankful to have hope that I just might have a living baby. I was thankful that my faith was growing by leaps and bounds and that Hudson’s story was changing the lives of others.

This entire conversation has had my brain running in circles. We lead such privileged lives and we cannot even see what is in front of us. We can’t have hope in the small things because we are comparing them to the material items of this world. I don’t know if that is something you are just naturally born with, something you gain with faith in Jesus, or if it is a choice.

What I know for sure is that I plan to venture out to seek those who do not have hope – those who need a friend or need to know of someone who is bigger than anyone or thing on this earth. I mentioned that last year was the start of getting out of my comfortable shell and that this year I was going to push myself to even more limits. Maybe that is why I have felt such an urgency to get back to my blog. There is not much time when you are a busy mom, so this might be my way of getting out.

I also know that even when this world fails us and it seems as if there is nothing to be thankful for, we can always be thankful for God sending His son to die on a cross for all of our sins. In the midst of our crying or grieving – He hears us. We are not told that this world is going to be easy – but we can live on the promise of what is to come.


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