New Book!

Today a little package came in the mail for me, but before I share what it was let me show you how I went to the store today.


Yeah. I’m not even going to lie. I don’t know if it was a brownie batter mess up or poop. Still don’t know because I didn’t smell it to find out. I did change shirts before our life group and this shirt is in the laundry. The actual laundry basket because I am on day 3 of making sure my clothes go in the laundry basket versus the floor – high five to myself. I also poked my chin out a little so you would not see my double chin. I also wore yoga pants and I would have worn leggings as pants if I had those on. It was cleaning day at the house and y’all, seriously, just let people wear want they want to wear. Back off of “leggings are not pants” because really who cares – just look away. Yoga pants are just as tight in the booty and show just as much.

NOW that you know that, I’ll share my newest item. An address book! Yay! I know, it’s not that big of a deal, BUT I started using a Word document after we got married and then printed it and the print was getting all mixed up because people move around – so I wanted to go back to my old style with an address book.


It is not anything too fancy. but I like it and I’m excited about it. You know, because I’m going to be sending out all of those cards and everything this year. Card Purge 2017 is in full effect. It might last until sometime in 2018 because I have a lot of cards. You know you can get cards for .50 at the Dollar Stores. BUT I found an awesome deal on Amazon with bundles that had cards as low as .28 a card. Too bad I am not buying anymore until I go through my supply. One can dream though…

It is kind of like the year I kept going to the paper factory sale each first Friday of the month. I bought so much that, 10 years later, I have finally used it all up! That was literally a goal this year – to use all the wrapping paper up. It was beautiful, but after 10 years of the same paper I was done – DONE. Now I have amazing visions of wrapping paper themes for next year. I’m sorry my life is so boring right now. Wrapping paper and address books are apparently what excite me these days. Technically I have always loved both, but there was a fresh excitement in the past two weeks when paper was used and an address book was purchased. Things are getting wild and crazy.

Now – to decide. Pen or pencil to write in my new book? I am leaning towards the pencil so that it can be erased when people move…



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