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Organizing My Year

Last post was my “resolution post”. This one is my “how am I going to get on track and stay on track” post. Staying focused is hard for me, I see something in the corner of my eye and forget my task at hand. I’m a total list maker. Sometimes I even write things I’ve already done on my list just so I can cross them off – weird? Making a list makes me happy. Doing the items on the list is the hard part.

I’m a big calendar girl. I’ve tried all sorts of planners and calendars out there. I’ve even tried the Erin Condren planner. To be honest, I was not that impressed. It’s big and bulky and does not fit into my life the way I need a planner to fit. I need it in my purse at all times and I don’t always want to have a big purse. To me is also seems over priced. A regular notebook can do the job just fine at a fraction of the price. I have a small obsession with office supplies and stationary, so finding a notebook around the house was pretty simple. All over Pinterest there is something called a Bullet Journal. I challenge you not to look because you will suddenly become overwhelmed and fear you will never live up to the idea of a bullet journal. Here is a couple of examples of what you will find:


credit: Sarah’s Chapter

I searched for the original authors of the above, but could not find them. They were both from Pinterest. You get my point, right? Clearly intimidating and not at all something easy and realistic in my current season of life. Who am I kidding. I can barely draw a stick figure much less draw these elaborate pages. I would spend years just working on the pages before even getting to use the books.

Well, I have molded this fancy little idea to fit my lifestyle. Something realistic that I am less likely to fail. SO, without further suspense I introduce to you – my NOTEBOOK – ha!

The amazing notebook with tabs!
My book list – so fancy, ha!
My “remember to change” list
My small planner – where I now organize my room cleaning system.
The old room cleaning system.

All of my to-do lists, reminders, birthdays, things to remember, logs – you name it – go in my notebook. The planner is the same size and that just helps keep my dates squared away. Still easier than carrying a large bulky planner. I know I could use my phone, but there are too many technical problems that could happen there. Plus I would never get the reminders because it is always on silent. I’m also a fan or writing things down in print verse typing.

I can’t wait to share my house cleaning system with y’all! It works for people like me who need to complete one room at a time verse one task at a time. For instance if your task that day is cleaning the walls, I would get sidetracked by seeing the dirty baseboards or other mess in the room. To start, I wrote down all of the rooms in the house and then I looked at my calendar to see which days could handle those rooms or tasks. I was really excited to start this back in October and I was on a roll until hurricane Matthew decided to venture this way – I never seemed to recover organizationally. With the kids being out of school I have been able to focus on getting back on track and into order. Hopefully…


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