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Hello New Year

It has come once again, the time to close the books on one year and start a new one.

What does a new year actually mean? Why do we always think of it as a clean start? The truth is, we are still the same people we were in the year that just closed. I, myself, love the idea of a fresh clean slate. A chance to “get it right” or do better.

In talking to my husband recently I was reflecting about how much has changed in the past couple of years. If you would have told me 10, even 5, years ago that I would be doing, or getting ready to do, the things I have been lately then I would have been excited. It is as if I’m finally able to let go of some of the mental blocks that have been holding me back. One of my most happy moments was in this picture. This is a place where I have grown the most. Before this year {2016} I would never volunteer to pray out loud or speak to a large group. You know that saying, “comparison is the thief of joy”? Well I constantly compared myself to those prayers that just made you feel like they had a doctorate in God’s personal university while I was not even allowed an application. This year we started a life group in our home, and I knew I would have to pray – out loud. So I put myself in an uncomfortable position on purpose in order to grow. Something I would never do before because I treasure comfort.


Ever since the hurricane evacuation and my birthday {which was the day the hurricane actually hit} I’ve been at a point where I want to continue to push myself past those limits. SO many great things have happened by stepping out. I’ve met some amazing new friends and become closer with old friends. I’ve purged – both physical stuff and mental blocks. My family has grown even more bonded and my husband and I are on the same page of life more than ever. The relationship I have with God is not just some thing in my life, but it is the very thing in my life that I try to base everything I do.

The past few days I’ve been thinking about my resolutions for the new year. What are my goals? What am I looking forward to? I did a video up at the dealership asking what they were thankful for and hopeful for – so it has made me think about my own answers to those questions. The thankful was answered above, but to summarize, I’m thankful for stepping beyond my comfort zone. Below is a list {in no particular order} of ten areas I hope to continue working on in the new year.

1 – Post more on the blog. I have so many thoughts that I want to write about, but again, the stepping out has been a road block to certain topics.

2 – Take more pictures with me in them. I’m constantly the photographer because {a} no one else is {b} I don’t want to be in the pictures {c} I hate asking for other people to take my picture. John laughs at me because when I see strangers taking pictures I always jump and offer to take their picture. This week I went to a memorial service for a woman who was only 2 years older than I am and I loved watching the video slide show – she had SO many pictures with her family. What a blessing, that those children will not only have the memories in their hearts, but so many pictures to help remember the things that fade away over time. I find that I look at Hudson’s picture often because it has been almost 8 years and I need to familiarize myself with his sweet face.

3 – Stay on the path of healthy eating and being fit.

4 – Put my clothes in the clothes basket. Y’all, this is rough. It is like 5 feet away from where all of my dirty clothes end up. I could take about 10 minutes off of the laundry duty if all clothes made it into the laundry basket – from everyone.

5 – Purge more and take in less. I want to continue getting rid of the excess stuff in my life. There are boxes of junk and meaningless things that weigh us all down – why not get rid of it all? In 20 years I do not want to be trapped because I cannot part with things. This year I have really worked hard on this one – it helped that we moved into our house last December so I was able to go through everything I own, but I still have a ways to go! This week I will be going through my closet and donating clothes I have not worn in years. When we moved in I turned all of my hangers the opposite way and once I worn an item I could turn it the proper way. Supposedly I am now to donate all of the items that never turned around. This might be hard…maybe you’ll read about it this month.

6 – Push beyond the limits of my comforts and confidence.

7 – Give more freely than ever. I think about this one all of the time. We might not all have the resources to always give monetarily, I know we certainly do not, but you KNOW others who have extra. When you know there is someone in need start rallying your troops. Get a group of people to help you. Find someone who can provide the monetary and get those in need the help they need. This Christmas I knew there was a family who would not put their names on any of the “adopt a family” trees, so I rallied the life group and my parents and we filled their home with Christmas goodies. Another was a bike giveaway we had at the dealership. The winner gave the bike to a group needing items for children and I got the list of other items needed, forwarded to my sister and then boom – list completed. If a group of people took just one family in need under their wing and helped them during the tough times then that would help so much.

8 – Send out those cards! Honestly I have a surplus of cards and I want to get them sent out so that I can find a prettier way to organize them. So, January – you’re all set for card send out. I used to get all of my cards together at the beginning of the month and then they would be ready to send. It would be great to get back at that again.

9 – Organize those rooms. We’ve been in the house for a year, and while things are falling into place, there is still much work to be done. I have so many ideas from Pinterest that I want to finally start putting those ideas into realities. The first place we are starting is Harrison’s room. I can’t wait to get it finished and then post our before and after shots!

10 – Get out of the rat race. Spend more time focusing on God and His plan for our family and less about what the world thinks we should be doing. The posting on Facebook from your “friends” – how much of it is real? How many of those posts are you comparing your life to? This year it is about unfollowing the comparison and following the Lord.

Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope you had a great holiday season and that you enjoyed time with your loved ones. Hopefully this year will be an opening to new ideas and adventures.


2 thoughts on “Hello New Year

  1. “Unfollowing the comparison and following the Lord” wow. Well said. I am so with you on this. I feel like I don’t even consciously do it, but days later I’ll get that nagging feeling like “I wish my blah blah was better!” Who cares?! Adding this to my list for sure.
    Good post
    Nicole B


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