Simple Wrapping

One of my favorites during Christmas time is giving gifts – and I love wrapping them. My husband is definitely the opposite, but I came from a family where paper was measured just right and the bows were made bigger than the box. 

A few years ago there was a local place in town that opened once a month and you could find the most amazing deal on high quality wrapping paper, cards, and bags. I stocked up – enough to last me a decade. I had one roll of paper that I had purchased because I knew I would go through it quickly with a new baby on the way and the large brude of children we would eventually have. Well, that first baby was Hudson and instead of 6 kiddos we are blessed with 2 here. Needless to say I am SO TIRED of that paper. I think this will be the final Christmas that it is gone. Hallelujah!!

I did venture away from that paper a couple times and I love this little wrapping set up here. This one is simple and it could be completely free! We ended up purchasing brown paper from Lowes, but you could just as easily opt for paper instead of plastic at the grocery store and be set! I added a piece of extra ribbon and then a cutting from our Christmas tree. The poor guy probably thought I was a little nuts for grabbing all of the extra cuttings from the ground. Once wrapped you do not even need to add a tag, you can write right on the paper. I think it looks pretty that way. Originally I did this with the “brown paper packages tied up with string”, my small tribute to the Sound of Music. Enjoy!


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