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DIY: Card Display {or pictures}

Two days and two projects. Who is in the jingle spirit? Apparently I am! The house is decorated and the kiddos are in bed so I’m taking a moment to enjoy my amazing trees and lights while blogging about my other little DIY project. I have not attempted any projects lately and now I have two in less than 24 hours!

This one is an old one. There was an empty and glass less frame laying around so I grabbed some random gold twine stuff and got to work!

Originally I was going to use a staple gun, but it was empty and there was a piece missing that I needed in order to reload. So I grabbed an office stapler – which pretty much stunk. 

Next I decided I would use a hammer with some small nails. I only hit my thumb once!

I was not sure how this was all going to work out so I did it cut the twine, which was actually smart because I think I’m going to redo the lines because the spacing is off. I think my lack of wanting to commit to something is why I do not start these little projects.

The cat really enjoyed this one. Which reminds me, I did not post the picture of her and the pipe cleaner toy! I’ll do that now. Except…I can’t find it, so instead I’ll post a picture of how she traveled during our hurricane evacuation.

She loved it and wondered where her string went once it was tacked on!

And voila – a finished {but will need to be reset} card holder for my favorite time of year when people actually send out mail! I’m pretty sure I used to stalk my mail box constantly in anticipation of letters from friends each day. I do that all throughout this season. LOVE cards and seeing my friends and their awesome families grow. Guess what – I have a post about what I do with those cards too! 


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