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DIY: Cabinet Wreaths

Today marks day 365 that we have been in our house. Crazy fast of a year! Due to closing being on December 1st last year and moving we barely decorated for Christmas. This year is the complete opposite. I don’t think there is a corner downstairs that the spirit of the season has not touched. I did not want to buy many decorations this year, but I’m definitely hoping to catch a few after the season sales to help add a little flare to my current decor.

I’ve been trying to revamp things I already have in order to save a little bit and let my creative side out a bit. So, I got wild and busted out the old retired glue gun. Y’all, I’m not a DIYer. I have these great expectations that I will have these amazing crafts, but either fail because it does not live up to my expectations or just leave it alone completely because I know it will never turn out as good as my vision.

Lately, though, I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zones in a few major ways, so, I thought why not? After a quick search on Pinterest, and a good pep talk trying not to compare myself to the picture perfect world out there, I found a project that I thought I could tackle. 

Y’all, I’m really excited about how it turned out! I even remembered to take a few “step by step” pictures! Please pardon the messy details behind – it was heavy duty decorating day 🙂

Step 1: Find pipe cleaners that might be hanging around. Side note – these make amazing cat toys (picture at the end)
Step 2: Find some random garland that you know you are not going to use.
Step 3: Twist 2 pipe cleaners together to form a circle. Cut the garland to make it the same size.
Step 4: Glue the garland to the pipe cleaners that you have twisted to make a circle. I would glue a small section and set my scissors on the area to weigh it down while the glue set in. 
Step 5: You will want to measure how long you want the wreaths to hang down on the cabinets and then cut them the desired length. After cutting pick up your wreath and decide how it makes the best circle {to clarify – sometimes the pipe cleaner and distort and make it look like an oval or a triangle, so you just have to pick the best hanging angle} and then tuck a portion of the ribbon under the wreath and pull through to meet the other side of the ribbon.

Step 6: Glue ribbon pieces together. I used the scissors to press the glue flat and weigh it down a bit to set. 
And voila! You now have a easy and charming set of wreaths to hang in your kitchen. They look better in person and I took the pictures with my phone just so they didn’t look Pinterest perfect and unobtainable. Seriously very simple!


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