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Monday Must-Have

First – yes, the blog looks a little different. I’ve been working on a few tweeks and it is getting closer to what I want it to look like. Hoping to get back in step with the Monday Must Have posts – so starting back today!

Today is about books. I LOVE to read. When I was younger I would sneak out of my room and sit in the bathroom and read for hours. I would read in the car – anywhere and anytime. My nose was always stuck in a book. Reading two Baby-Sitter Club books in a day was a breeze. Sometimes I will read 3-4 books in a week. Then sometimes I will go through a reading drought. I have finally gotten a little smarter {which I am usually late to the game with most things} and I keep a book in my car to read when I’m waiting for the kids. I’ll read waiting in carpool, at gymnastics. at golf, anywhere that I am sitting and waiting. It helps to free up my nights because I like to spend time with the kids and the hubby.

With the new blog stuff I hope to create a book list with books I have read lately and rate them. I have so many books on my Amazon wish list and when my husband went to check it out for Christmas ideas he even commented “all you have are books on there”. Yep!! I also prefer an actual book versus using my iPad. Something about turning to pages.

Check out what I’m reading now 🙂 It is set in Macon, GA! Always a plus when reading about places I’ve visited! Here is a link if you are interested –      I’ll review it once I have finished 🙂



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