Beach Day

We headed to the beach for a couple of hours the other day. Yay! There is something so relaxing and carefree about being on the beach. Maybe its because I have grown up on the coast, but there is a need for sand and saltwater sometimes – like its in my veins. I’m not really a fan of river water or murky water, but I will settle for the Atlantic even though I grew up going to the Gulf Coast.

Heidi is going to be the same way. She longs to be in the water and swims like a fish! Heidi will go to the pool or beach – I really think she loves the beach the most. Harrison on the other hand….he is a little more timid. This year I was completely shocked because he enjoyed running around on the sand and in the water. I am thankful Harrison enjoyed the beach because when babies are cranky it can make for a not so much fun time for Mama. Hopefully this is a sign of many fun beach days ahead this summer!





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