End of School

We have had such a busy May! I am so thankful that lazy days without schedule are upon us. This summer is going to be full of pool days, crafts, fun times outdoors, the beach, and whatever else we want to enjoy! Heidi finished Kindergarten last week and it was such a bittersweet moment. This school has loved on Heidi for the last 4 years and I know we will never find another like it. The kids in the class truly cared for each other, they prayed when one of their classmates was sick, and have grown up together. Next year they will be going their separate ways.

The kiddos had a class picnic indoors {because the weather has been rainy off and on during the week} and there were photo booth options set up for them to take pictures. At night we had the BIG graduation celebration for the Class of 2016. The graduates were so excited!! They were absolutely precious with their songs! The smiles were full of joy, pride, and a hint of nervousness as they crossed the stage to receive their diplomas. I didn’t cry at all, which surprised me, but I might have eaten my feelings throughout the week with a box of fudge rounds. After the ceremony we headed out to eat dinner and ate with Heidi’s BFF and their family. Harrison got a little pouty, but it was incredibly late for him and he gets a little moody when he needs to eat – don’t we all??











The last day of school Heidi’s class had a game day and all sorts of fun! Harrison’s class had a fun pizza and party celebration with a slide show of pictures showing what they did throughout the year. It was amazing to see the growth of the kids! Harrison has grown leaps and bounds this year! He went from only saying a couple of words to now chatting our ears off with words we had no idea he even knew! Seriously zero to complete sentences. After school we headed to a pool party for Heidi’s class. Such a fun time and thankful the weather held out for the kids to have one last time to hang out.


Here is a little look at the first and last days of school – such a change in these little guys! I love looking back on the pictures to see how much they have changed over the years. Time really does go so quickly. I cannot believe that 7 years ago I did not think I would ever even be able to have children after Hudson died and now they are almost 6 and 3. Everyday I am so thankful to God for these sweet blessings He has allowed me to watch over. I know that they are His, but I will be eternally thankful for my entire life that He chose me to be their Mama.




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