family time

Dance Time!

We were at two different studios this year for Heidi. One was ballet instruction only without a recital. Ballet is such a foundation for any sort of dance – perfect for sports as well. It is truly something you can carry with you forever. I do not know what the future holds with Heidi and dance or if she will decide to dance next year, but she is such a beautiful dancer that I hope she decides to stay with dance. Of course having grown up dancing I am a little biased! Heidi has such a pure and sweet heart and I can feel that on stage when she dances. I do love both dance studios we have chosen – they have such a talented group of ladies!

Friday we had a little observation for the ballet instruction only studio and Saturday Heidi had her recital. I was so proud of Heidi! So many changes to a few years ago when my friend Paula was shaking a box of nerds in the wings while Heidi danced in order to bribe her to stay on stage 🙂 Sometimes she might not smile {she said she forgets sometimes} but she goes right on stage and is just such a shining ray of sunshine! It might have been the last time she dances on stage, but whatever she decides to pursue next I know she will be great!

What patient little brothersdo while big sisters
are dancing 🙂 AND my”needing a pedicure foot”










Harrison wanted to make a “sad” face
for the camera…
How we store all of the costumes and accessories:


After recital treats for two special kiddos – maybe
their parents too 🙂

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