family time

Party Time!

We had Miss Heidi’s birthday party over the weekend! SUCH a FUN time! As usual we had a pool party and had everyone over to my parents’ house for the fun and festivities. The nice thing about summer birthdays and your family having a pool is it makes it super convenient for a party! Heidi enjoyed having her friends and family over to celebrate the BIG FIVE and couldn’t wait for her guests to arrive.

I am not one to do all sorts of crafts and things to get ready for the party – pool, food, cake, and you are set for a party! At the last minute I ended up printing a couple of things off, but as much as I WANT to have the pinterest party birthday, I love the low key birthdays like we all grew up having. I love the pinterest looking parties and if I was not such a procrastinating perfectionist {look it up! basically a perfectionist gets paralyzed and procrastinates because the work will not live up to how you want it to be…its a tough world}I would definitely do many more “fancy” things. I printed off “Frozen” themed items and made a birthday banner, some food labels, and thank you notes. Frozen – so original, I know! You can check out the FREE printables here!






This is the night before her birthday and her last night being 4 😦 You have no idea what Heidi means to me. She was my little rainbow after the storm and a sign of God’s promise that HE would always be here. She is so full of life and fun. She calls me mama about 5 million times a day and even though sometimes I would like to use the bathroom by myself, have unbroken favorite items, and maybe have 3 minutes of silence – I would not trade any of that for the world. After Hudson I did not know if I would want to face the same heartbreak of having another baby again, but God had other plans when I found out we were expecting Heidi.

Decorating her birthday cake. I am, and will never be, a “pretty baker”. You know, the cakes or cookies that look like they just came out of a magazine? Nope, my cake if lopsided and it was crumbling a bit into the icing. I thought about telling everyone it was chocolate chip icing, but I refrained – ha! It still tasted good though! Not pictured, but before finishing the cake Heidi invited a couple of friends over to swim!

We ended the day with celebrating a Fish Tales {Heidi’s choice} and had a very nice dinner outside where the bugs were not around and it was not too hot. Its a great local seafood restaurant in town! All in all Heidi said she had a wonderful birthday!





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