Foodie Wanna Be

I really wish I was better at cooking. Now, I am not horrible, but there are definitely improvements that could be made. We planned to take a meal to a family that we had not met yet, but they will soon be our neighbors. One day, when we were going to see our house and how it was coming along our future neighbor popped out to say hello and we are super excited that it is a family and the couple is around our age! Of course, because I have to know everything about every situation, I found our neighbors on facebook {back in March} and then randomly a mutual friend posted a meal train site on FB because of something they are going through right now.

Check out the recipe here – it is one I have cooked before. I also made broccoli, brownies {with chef Heidi of course}, and rolls.

I am so happy that I was able to take this meal and meet the other half of our new neighbors. Going into someones home that I have never met is definitely out of my comfort zone, but I am so thankful I stepped out and met our neighbor this way. I was over there for an hour, but I am sure I could have stayed longer! There will be many nights of sweet tea and conversation in our near future!

During the day today the kids and I went swimming and then had lunch outside. Luckily we have been going early enough in the mornings to swim for a few hours before the rain. Today’s fun pool trick involved me throwing Harrison in the air and him going underwater and popping back up. He loved it! Me, on the other hand, I worked out my triceps yesterday and biceps this morning so my arms are pretty much like mush right now. At first the day seemed to be starting a little rough with pool time. Harrison did not want to take off his Mickey shirt so he would not even get his bathing suit on. I was finally able to get him to get his bathing suit on and he kept his Mickey shirt. After pool time I wanted to change him and the only way he would change was if it was into another Mickey shirt. Looks like we’re going to have to add a few more shirts to his wardrobe…


The night before Harrison grabbed my camera and handed it to me and started saying cheese! This boy loves to have his picture taken and he gets excited to see the pictures after they are taken.




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