About a month ago I read an article someone posted about how to help with the clutter in your life. I read articles like this all of the time because I am constantly trying to find my way in cleaning out what we have accumulated during this lifetime. Not everything works for everyone, but finding a system that works for you and your life is the best thing to do. I am constantly pinning to find a way to declutter or organize. Most of you probably said, “you just throw it away”, but that does not seem to work in my situation.

During this time of saving we have not bought many material items so that has been easy to not add to our stuff and things are getting better with getting rid of items. So, all in all I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I discovered this new way that works for me with my drawers. Currently we are still using a temporary chest of drawers, but this will definitely carry on to when we move and have our old dresser back.


Basically you fold all of your clothes upright so that you can see everything in there and you will not have to dig around for what you are looking for. This has been so helpful and I started this with Heidi’s clothes too. Side-note, I showed John my new drawer system and he opened his drawer to see if I did it for him – oops! Maybe next laundry day 😉

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