Cousin Trip!

I am so blessed to be able to post what I am about to post. Over President’s Day weekend I had the most amazing time that was truly needed. I am blessed to have one sister {and three amazing sister in laws}, but I also have three cousins on my mom’s side that are truly like sisters to me. The five of us had such a great time together and I am looking forward to many more weekend trips like this in the future.

The five of us met up in Asheville, NC and had a weekend full of non-stop talking, eating, and fun. There might have been a bottle or two of wine shared as well. 
Friday my sister and I drove up while the rest of the crew arrived on Saturday. That night we went out to eat and then on Sunday we headed to the Biltmore. A few mini photo shoots happened in several places and a ton of stories, some funny and some serious, were told. A couple of bombshells were dropped, tears were shed, bellies ached from laughing, but most of all I slept. I slept for three full nights. Three glorious nights….
Oh, and I now eat brussle sprouts. 
If you are ever looking for a place to stay in Asheville with a beautiful view of the city you must check out the place we stayed. The owners are amazing and the house was perfect! – check it out here!
A few things to note about the pictures – we range from 5’2″ to 5’4″ {that’s a whole lotta height!}, one cousin in particular had us stand youngest to oldest several times, we were all cheerleaders at one point, and we are fun.


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