Quirky Side

Somewhere around this madhouse there is a camera with pictures that I had intended upon posting. It is the camera that I keep in my purse, but it is not in my purse. I remember where I had it last, but it is not there and that can only mean one thing – Heidi has done something with it. I’m sure it will resurface soon with a bazillion crooked pictures of her dolls. I’ll be sure and post those pictures too. Once I find it I will, but until then you get to learn a little about some quirky habits of mine.

Lately I have been rewatching the Bama fan jumping on the OU fan clip that is surfing around on Facebook. Normally I am not a fan of such assault or online bullying, but it is the music that makes me watch it over and over. As a person who walks to the beat of a perfect rhythmic drum I am a lover of all things choreographed to music. Everything in life must go to a beat – even when the windshield wipers are on…

Not that anyone would, BUT if somewhere were to write a movie about my life it would have to be a musical.  

A musical or it would have to have everyone talking and walking to a soft background music.

I have seen several clips of the horrible assault, but my absolute favorite is the one with Wrecking Ball playing in the background. Totally not a Miley fan, but this video and that song = perfection.

Back to the posting topic…

The other day at lunch my friend Holly called me a strange bird. I am – I have many quirks that I thought I might share with the blogging world.

1 – I’ve already written about this one above. Everything around me must go to music. For instance, Harrison is playing with a few musical toys on the ground and my fingers must type to the beat.

2 – I eat M&Ms two by two and the colors must match. After I have eaten them two by two if there are any odd ones left {odd meaning without a color matching mate} I bite that one in half and eat it. It stresses me out to pop a handful in my mouth without knowing how many of each color I have eaten.

3 – If I step on a crack with my right foot I have to step on a crack with my left foot.

4 – I would love to be on a show like Survivor or the Amazing Race, but the food challenges scare me.

5 – I give personification to inanimate objects – hence the reason I have a hard time getting rid of things. I am scared I will hurt their feelings.

6 – I will not put air in tires because I am scared my head will explode. Someone told me a story about that happening once and I have been scared ever since…

7 – Everything must be stacked largest to smallest {or reverse} and symmetrical.

8 – I plan an evacuation route wherever I go.

9 – I’m competitive about almost everything. It is horrible. When Heidi wants to “race” I hate letting her win.

10 – I cannot be the last person in the house to fall asleep.

There you go! Ten little things about me that you were dying to know – ha! It does make me feel better that I am not the only strange one in my family. Heidi likes to put her froggie washcloth to sleep…


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