1st Day of Pre-3!

School is back in session for Heidi-bug. I never know how Heidi is going to react to going places or doing things, so I don’t think I ever really set expectations on the day. On the way to school Heidi did not want to go at all. Once we parked and started walking in she was fine and seemed in a really good mood. On the way to her class she was still fine and then when we got to the room she walked right in with her teacher and looked around. I was so shocked because it was just the opposite of how she was in the car. I was so excited that she was in a good mood! Heidi even let me take a picture with her teacher! Now THAT was a complete shock. I didn’t even have to ask her twice. When I went to pick her up she was still in a great mood and she said she had so much fun! Usually she tells me she does not like things. So, here’s to a great new school year and tons of fun!

Heidi’s adorable outfit came from “So Sew Jo” in Blackshear, GA. A childhood friend of mine, her mom makes the cute clothing 🙂


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