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Harrison – 3 Months

Hello Harrison – you are three months old now! You smile ALL of the time and are such a happy little boy. Rarely are you upset or not content. You are like the dream child because you sleep! I say that will love because your sister never wanted to sleep. Daddy and I do not even know what to do with ourselves because we have adult time after 8PM when you and your sister have gone to bed. It scares me to death, but you are a tummy sleeper. At night I can put you down at 7ish on your belly and you will sleep until around 5AM – seriously. I want to brag about your sleeping habits to everyone, but I know what it is like to be on the opposite end when your sister never wanted to sleep. The other day during your nap you were sucking and sucking trying to find your thumb {you and Heidi both have such heavy oral fixations} and then it got quiet. I turned to look over at you and you were sucking your little thumb. It was adorable.

Your dimple gets me every time – it is so stinking cute I love it. The smiles you give are just so big and full. You have been discovering your voice more and it is so sweet. The other day daddy was making noises and you were answering him. Y’all kept going back and forth, it was so sweet.

You are wearing size 0-3, 3, and 3-6 months. Diapers are a size 2. You drool so much. I think I have only seen you spit up twice, but you drool all the time.

You have a little schedule going on which is nice. You wake up around 8AM, hang out, eat, and play. Naptime is around 10AM for a little over an hour. After your morning nap you will eat, play, and hang out, then you nap again around 1PM until about 3-4PM. You follow the same steps as usual and then around 6PM you start getting into your “I’m fussy because I want to go to sleep” stage and we put you in your pajamas {which always makes you smile} and then you eat until you go to sleep. You sleep until about 5AM, wake up to eat and then go back to sleep and then start it all over again!

Right now you are still in the pack-n-play in our room. I love having you close by. Sometimes I feel so bad that you cannot sleep in the bed with the rest of us. The way your sister sleeps that is impossible. After I lay you down I never know what position I will find you in when I come to check on you. Right now you like to scoot all around. If I lay you on your back you have the hardest time getting settled and you roll around trying to get on your belly. I think after awhile you kind of give up and lay on your side. You are content laying on your back when you are awake, just not to sleep.

You love to look at yourself. I have discovered that car trips {unless you are tired} and much more enjoyable if you have a mirror to look at yourself. When we were traveling to Atlanta the other weekend you were fussing {hungry} so I took the iPad and put in on the reverse camera mode and you instantly settled down and started smiling so big! So vain 🙂

I love to watch your eyes try and find us when your daddy or I speak. You also love to watch your sister. You LOVE when she wallers all over you and hugs you – it is so sweet! Harrison, you are so blessed to have a big sister like Heidi. She loves you so much and I can tell you love her too. I cannot wait to see how even more precious the two of you become as siblings.


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