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Shots All Around!

Goodness, today started off ugly when I got into work. I didn’t think I was going to make it through the day. Nothing major, just an issue that was getting on my nervous and I did not feel like being bombarded with it right when I walked in {JEFF!} and having to fix mistakes I did not make. It is done though and I do not have to worry about it anymore. Let’s just say there is a certain bank I will not be recommending people to use when applying for a loan.

I tried to focus on my lunch date with the LWL {Ladies Who Lunch} and for the first time in forever it would be the 4 of us together! One certain member, not to mention your name April, likes to ditch us. We went to one of our regular spots – Jalapenos and had our favorite server {you know, the one who knows your order by heart} and had a great time. I stuck to my usual water, but I didn’t a little something else, so what does one order when they need just a little something to get them through the day? A shot of coke of course!

No one made fun of me or anything – yeah right….at least it did the job! I can never seem to drink a full coke anyway and I really just needed a little sip of something, and our server knew just how to quench my need.

I did not do a very good job with my meal planning this week, so we went to none other than Cracker Barrel! Heidi suggested it of course! Today was a no nap day for Heidi, so I was a little nervous how the evening might go, it was a success though! Heidi got to play and Mama had her food fix. Of course we didn’t wait too long before putting Heidi to bed when we got home and she is sleeping peacefully. See? No nap equals time that Mommy has to write you such wonderful stories to read 🙂 I am not sure how long it will last though because I cannot find a comfortable sitting position. Everything prohibits breathing.

Heidi has been doing a random screaming thing. I really have no idea where it came from or where it was learned. When Heidi gets mad at something {for instance Daddy takes her to potty instead of Mommy} she will cry, stomp her feet, and scream. Considering none of us are screamers – in fact I rarely even raise my voice at anyone {except today at work….}. It kind of reminds me of the fairy tale where the little dwarf stomps his little feet at his treasure pot. Maybe Snow-White and Rose-Red? I just get that little image in my head and then it keeps me calm while she loses hers. Hopefully we will see an ending to this stage soon. My best reaction to the screaming is just to remain calm and find out what is causing this emotion.

Right now John is rubbing my left leg and foot because it helps with my pregnancy induced restless leg syndrome. The rest of the weekend should be fun – stay tuned!


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