This weekend we went to watch the boat parade that was being held on the Savannah River. My parents, John, Heidi and I went to the Westin {across the street from Riverstreet} to watch the parade. They had some pretty cute boats going along the river.

Next we went to the Festival of Lights on Hutchinson Island where you can drive through and see some pretty lights and scenes. Once you finish driving through the lights you end at a little area where they have hot chocolate, smores, petting zoos, and all sorts of fun things! Heidi especially loved the little baby goat {I know its called a kid, but she liked to call it “the baby one”} and loved when he came to sniff her fingers.

After washing our hands at the little water station we got in line for some hot chocolate and some peanut thing John wanted. Hot nuts? While we waited Heidi had a little accident – it was during the fireworks. Poor thing has such sensitive ears. Unfortunately mom of the year over here forgot to pack extra warm clothes. I wrapped her up in my jacket and then we headed back. It was time to leave anyways, but we did make a short detour to Cracker Barrel {I cannot get enough of this place!} and ate dinner. Heidi sat in her booster all wrapped in my jacket.


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