Princess Heidi

On our way to Myrtle Beach Heidi watched the movie Sleeping Beauty, given to her by Sarah and the boys on her birthday. Ever since then I have been obsessed with hearing her say the word princess. It is adorable! Anyway, I thought she would enjoy a few dress-up clothes to “dress up like a princess”. I loved dress-up as a child and with Heidi already loving to pretend with clothes I knew it would be a hit! John and I did some rearranging in Heidi’s room while she was gone and we added a little bar between two pieces of furniture to hang her dress-up clothes on while not in use.
On Sunday Heidi and I played all day with these clothes! She had a blast. We also played with tu-tus and dancewear! I cannot wait to have many more dress-up days!

She was looking at herself in the mirror :)

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