Pat on the Back

I finally did it y’all – I tackled the guest room. For about the entire time we have lived in our house it has been my crap pile. When guests would spend the night I would say, “You are welcome to anything in our house, just don’t open this closet.”. It was so embarrassing. Heidi has been with her grandparents and three of her cousins in Destin this week so I figured why not do it now. I have tried repeatedly to work on it with Heidi around, but bless her little helping heart, this mama does not make any progress at all in the black hole.
My normal “clean-up” routine is to take whatever piles I have sitting around the house and throw them in the guest room closet. If you cannot see the mess then it is not there, right? Exactly! Small problem, eventually the mess become larger than the space containing the mess. I am pretty sure I have established that I am a mini-hoarder.

Hello, My name is Kimberly and I am a hoarder.

Hello, Kimberly.

It was either clean up the mess or get a divorce. I chose divorce, but that was going to be even more difficult, so I put my big girl panties on and got into the guest room to clean it up. I do have a before picture that I will share with you once I have the final after picture – but that will be for another post later today or tomorrow. Hmm…probably Monday. Tonight is the final night and I will be finished!! I cannot believe it – to quote MLK, JR. “Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty we are {I am} free at last!”. By the way, divorce was never an option – just being dramatic 😉

Now that this mess is finished I will not know what to do with all my free mind space. No more will I worry about that guest room closet and the mess I need to tackle. No longer will I feel guilty about watching t.v. while the mess was somehow nesting and getting bigger. I know I will have more little project areas around the house to tackle, but this one, the mother of all projects is done. Now I can actually stick to my “tidy up for an hour” schedule and not my “take a full week to reorganize the guest room without really accomplishing and single thing”.

Pictures to come!!


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