Happy Father’s Day!

We had a great Father’s Day this year! John was off so he was able to spend his day with his family {including out of town family}. We started the morning with cooking a huge breakfast {Rebekah and I} and trying to wrangle 3 little ones all while letting the guys sleep in. Honestly, we all know that any sleep you get after 8AM is sleeping in, right? After breakfast we went to the beach, the Crab Shack for lunch, and then back home. Our family left so Heidi and I laid down for a nap. John got to spend the rest of his day watching the US Open – the only thing he wanted to do after 4PM. At some point he fell asleep because when I came out of the room from laying down with Heidi he was asleep so I took control of the TV.

We already gave John his Father’s Day present a couple of weeks ago – a new golf club – because he was playing in a tournament the weekend of the 9th. When John was packing up for his trip he mentioned {as he has a few times before} that he needed a toiletry bag. For some reason when we ordered the bags for his groomsmen years ago we did not order one for him. SOOO….I got on Amazon and found an inexpensive one that would do the trick! It came in Monday night {yeah, at 9PM and the delivery guy knocked on the door causing Hunter to bark, Heidi to wake up, and me to wake up delirious}. I wanted to have it monogrammed, but John said, “Why would you do that?”. So I assume that means no. Oh well. I hope he enjoys it!!


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