Step 1

…”we can have lots of fun!” NKOTB
I spoke with the NP at our specialists office today in regards to our conversation back in November. I was asked to wean Heidi from nursing before we went to start for baby #3. Well…6 months later and the weaning thing is not for us. Not.At.All. Heidi freaks out, cries, hyperventilates, screams when she is not allowed to nurse when she wants. It was taking a tole emotionally. So, I researched what I could into my medicines and other things that would give the DR. a reason not to let us move forward in expanding our family. The medications I take are the same “risk-level” in breastfeeding as in pregnancy. The correlation to miscarriage isn’t really even there – and if contractions happen to start and if weaning is absolutely necessary we will cross that bridge when we get there.

When I spoke with the NP and explained that weaning was not going to be an option and after a long trying period it was not going to happen. The NP agreed and though it was not typical for them to start the pregnancy process while still nursing that we could go ahead with a consultation to start the process! Yay us! The consultation should be next week and hopefully it will end in positive {read: what I want to happen} results.


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