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VLOG – Still Life With Circles

Yes, I am here – I still exist 🙂 Taking part in Angie’s blog – still life with circles – and posting a VLOG (video blog?) where we are to read a post from a time in the past. I picked a post from July 2009 when I was participating in a weekly devotional type of blog.

A few sidebars:
– The camera does not like me.
– I have no make-up on and I look scary. I may rethink the strike against make-up.
– I make strange faces when talking to a camera and my mouth makes weird shapes.
– My shirt is too small so I will definitely be getting a larger one on Friday before I run in the Rock-n-Roll marathon….

Part 1
Part 2 (because I was videoing from my phone and my husband called and I had already done about a billion takes and I didn’t want to start over again!!) HA!


13 thoughts on “VLOG – Still Life With Circles

  1. I think you look be-you-tea-full just as you are on the video, sniffles and tears and all. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and heart and Hudson with us with us…my whole heart to you! k-


  2. You are such a brave, caring, soul and the strength you have shown is resilient!! So many women will admire you for the love you still continue to have with God. You are a true inspiration for us all that have lost a child. Gina:)


  3. Thanks so much for sharing this. I enjoyed seeing you read your post and the genuine emotion you had when you spoke about Hudson. I feel like I don't get to talk about Andrew nearly enough, so I just may have to do one of these too. (And for the record, you look beautiful!). Lots of love, Sarah 🙂


  4. I want you to know how Brave and strong I think you are, and that even when you are not brave or strong that you are still perfect. You are the mother of a beautiful son and daughter. I think it goes with out saying how much I love Heidi jewell.. But,I love that little sweet boy just as much. I think you know how sickening I would be over him if he were here with us. I pray for you to have strength and peace daily and I will never forget Him! He is here with us through you. Thank you for letting me cry wth you and love you.


  5. It's so difficult, when you were describing going back to work I felt so much recognition. Because I didn't want to cry either and yet, I couldn't help it.
    Thank you for being brave enough to share a recording about your dear Hudson with us, I know how scary it is! I think that you looks absolutely beautiful in your video! If I looked so pretty without makeup I would go on strike too!


  6. You are beautiful…and I love you, my friend. Your post has touched my heart the most of all those I listened to over the course of this week. Thank you for being brave, and sharing your heart, and your beautiful words from Walking With You. So much of what you shared grief and feelings of failure…all of it rings true to this mama, and probably every mama that has walked this path. Your honesty is beautiful. Much love to you and continued prayers, my friend.


  7. ::Tears:: Thank you for joining in and reading your post. This post brought back so much. It's so crazy that time just flies…

    big hugs to you!

    ps~ I agree with everyone, you are gorgeous!! 🙂


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