family time · halloween

Happy Halloween!

We had such a wonderful time taking Heidi trick-or-treating. Heidi loved it as well. Before going out we went to my sister’s house for dinner and then we headed out to a neighborhood. At first Heidi was shy, but she loved picking out a little treat at the houses where they left a bowl outside and then she had fun letting people put candy in her basket. Heidi loved holding her cousins Emily and Georgia’s hands as they walked up to the houses and got candy. Before we went out we worked on saying trick or treat, but Heidi did not say it. She’s a little shy with strangers. She did muster out “thank you” and tons of smiles. A couple of houses said Heidi could have the whole bowl 🙂 We rode around in the back of Hubert’s truck for most of the night and Heidi just loved every minute of the night. Of course towards the end she got tired, but she loved everything about the night. Ya know, I really wonder what kids think of when we dress them in silly costumes and make them beg for candy from strangers….


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