Times have been busy here in Henninger Land! We are full of belly buttons, Bubba’s, and no’s :). Heidi is obsessed with her bellybutton and ours as well. She tries hard to say the word and sometimes it comes out, but it mainly comes out as “BB“. Constantly Heidi is calling for Bubba, which is a nickname we have for Hunter. I don’t know why, but John and I have always called him that as a nickname. She has picked up on that big time – and she probably says that word more than anything else. Next, of course, would be mama.
The past few days Heidi has been teething something awful. Nights around here have been horrible. I feel like I am taking naps rather than actually sleeping. We were doing so great about getting a routine at night and her sleeping in the crib, but the past few nights we have just put her straight into our bed. I really love our routine and how Heidi has been responding to it. We get home, play, eat dinner, take a bath, Heidi has naked time to play, get pj’s on, sit in the rocking chair to talk about our days, read a book, nurse, and then go to the crib. She loves to say “night-night” and then put her head down on something. When I say, “its time to take a bath” or “let’s go night-night” she goes straight into the appropriate rooms for those events.
Back to the teething – the poor thing does not want anything in her mouth except her hands and to nurse. I am so thankful we are still nursing because I don’t know how I would get her to eat anything. Its also so soothing to her to nurse. Maybe I will need to keep nursing until she is completely finished teething. We have tried teething rings/toys, frozen food, ice chips, cold water – anything and everything. She refuses to take Tylenol at all. Last night John went to Wal-Mart to pick up some baby oragel/teething tablets; neither of which she wanted to take. Heidi feels like a furnace, but tonight she is not feeling quite as hot.
This morning I was holding Heidi and I asked her if she wanted daddy to hold her and she so cutely said, “no“. She has recently been answering no to things. It is really the cutest thing. I will try to get a video of it. Tonight was the first of many “no-yes” fights.
On a completely different note – please keep my cousin Nick and his wife Alyson in your prayers. They had their twins a couple of days ago at 28 weeks. Everyone is doing well and the boys are great – most likely to be in the hospital for about 8 weeks. Just say a little extra prayer for them! I hope to go visit them tomorrow.
Have a great night everyone!!


3 thoughts on “Yes-No

  1. sorry about the teething issues- my sis in law is a pediatric nurse and she says if you have issues with tylenol then squirt just a tad in her mouth and then pinch her nose closed. eventually she will have to open her mouth and then squirt it in:)


  2. Sorry about all the teething. It is hard but my kids were not too bad. I know my son used to be so HOT but just play like nothing was wrong. Saying a pray that things get better.

    Praying for your friends too.


  3. Your post makes me laugh! Ingrid is experiencing lots of what Heidi is. She is cutting her first molar and so we had a rotten night, and yes, she ended up in our bed. We haven't figured out a routine/way to get her to go to sleep in her crib at night without convincing and a bit of crying. I had her in her crib for 10 minutes this afternoon and she was crying so hard and telling me emphatically in her baby language that she didn't want to go to sleep. She even was doing all (two) of the signs that she knows in order to communicate this. Poor girl – I gave up and we went for a walk instead! She loves her bellybutton too and gets distracted while nursing, pointing out mine. And another thing she likes these days is to 'tickle' people – it feels kind of like pinching and she does this funny little growly laugh while she is doing it! What joys they are, aren't they?
    Thanks so much for sharing!


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