Heidi’s Saturday

Today Heidi had a very lazy Saturday – one where PJs, swimsuits and play clothes were required. First Heidi woke up and enjoyed a simple breakfast that included cheerios, banana, and water.

Next Heidi had some playtime!

Followed by helping mommy clean out her closet!

We then had some more playtime!

Added in some snack time – apples and water!

…while watching Dinosaur Train

Followed by a walk with Hunter

After our walk it was time for lunch! On today’s menu? Grilled Cheese and water!!

All of the playing, organizing, walking, and eating made Heidi tired – so it was naptime!

After waking up from my nap it was time to play with Hunter and help mommy with the laundry by carrying around one of daddy’s clean socks!

Since the laundry was finished and naptime was over Heidi thought it was pool time! So we enjoyed a nice time in the big pool and the kiddie pool!

When we got back from the pool we checked the mail and Heidi got a package from her friend Harper! Thank you for getting me ready for football season Harper! It was also time for another snack after all the playing out in the sun – followed by more playtime and tea time! Heidi got upset during tea time because I left to go grab the camera…

Next we took a little trip to the grocery store {looking like raga-muffins} to pick up a few items for the week as well as for dinner.

While mommy put away the groceries Heidi played with Hunter.

Daddy came home early so we had a little bit of snuggle time before he fired up the grill for dinner!

Daddy let Heidi play with Hunter’s ball for a little bit while the chicken was cooking.

Then Heidi had to come in and she tried to climb the door/window to get out.

….and because she was not getting her way she made her “I’m not getting my way face” and decided to chase Hunter around instead to entertain herself.

Yummy dinner! I love corn on the cob and BBQ chicken!

After dinner I waited patiently for my bathtime – I love bathtime!

Maybe not so patiently afterall

Now I am all nice and clean an in my jammies! Looks like I’m up to no good, right??

Before bed Heidi picked out a book to read – by both mommy and daddy!

Daddy reading me a book and playing with my toy!

Missing – a picture of Heidi sleeping, but I didn’t want to take a chance on waking the sleeping beast up 🙂 Pictures that didn’t happen, but a few things that did – nursing, laundry time, my new friend at the pool, helping mommy cook….and possibly a few others!

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