Party Time x2

We had 2 little parties for Heidi to celebrate her birthday! One was the day before her birthday and one was on the Saturday after her birthday. The day before her big day we had family over and ate pizza and then watched Heidi stare at her cake. She ate a little bit of it. I was truly shocked she did not go after it more. Oh well! I made Heidi a cute little panda cake – I had one like it on my first birthday. Tomorrow when I pick her up from my mom’s after work I will find a picture and post it! For everyone else’s dessert delight – they had cupcakes. All were made from scratch – even the icing!! I was so proud of myself. We bought Heidi the cutest little table for her birthday – I can only imagine all the tea parties she will have on this table! The chairs were from the church I grew up in; I just need to paint them. My parents gave her a Bitty Baby – which she absolutely adores. The little girl loves her dolls!
On her actual birthday I took off of work and we hung out all day. It was such a great day! We started the morning off with breakfast in bed. Next we headed to the pool. There might have been a cupcake (or 2) thrown in the mix as well 🙂Saturday we had Heidi’s birthday bash – pool, fun, sun, a cookout, and friends! It was a great time! Low key and a perfect little party for our one year old. I think we will be having many more pool party birthdays for Heidi. Seriously, its so easy and you don’t have to come up with activities and things to do!


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