Heidi – 6 Months

Heidi, today you are 6 months old! Can you believe it? I know I probably say the same thing each month, but I cannot believe how fast our little baby girl is becoming a little girl. She will no longer be a little baby anymore…

Currently you are trying so hard to crawl – you want to be on the move so badly! I know it will not be much longer until you will be following our every move by crawling under our feet. Clothes that fit you are mainly in the 3-6 month, 6 month, and 6-9 month sizes. Diapers are a size 3. We are still breastfeeding and you still love to eat 🙂 I made a lot of homemade baby food (butternut squash, green beans, sweet potatoes) and you eat a “meal” about once a day, but you really do not care to eat anything but your milk. We have begun feeding you apples and bananas – and you think they are just “ok“.
Each day you seem to grow more and more. I feel like tomorrow you are going to be going off to college! You are weighing in at 18 lbs 12 ozs and you are 24.5 inches long. You’re a healthy little chunk! The doctors are impressed with your height and weight and your development. You have now celebrated your first Thanksgiving and we are so very thankful for you. You traveled on an airplane, visited your family in Pittsburgh and you stood in your first snow!


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