Heidi – 2 months

Heidi – you are 2 months old today! Time has flown by and you have been such a busy bee. I think you grown an inch everyday! You smile ALL of the time, well, except when I am trying to take a picture of you smiling 🙂 Soon I will catch that smile on camera!! Right now you are wearing 0-3 months clothes and can no longer squeeze into those newborn onesies. You are still able to wear other newborn outfits though. Sizes are so strange! Sometimes your daddy will put you in 3-6 months onesies. Diapers are at a size 1 and I think you’ll be in those for just a little while longer. You still love to eat and I am still trying to figure out how much you need for bottles each day. Sometimes I think I am your security blanket 🙂 You are starting to have regular sleeping and awake patterns. We are attempting to get some sort of a schedule for you, by way of “round about times” you like to eat/sleep. Your grandma is having a fun time watching you during the day and y’all play and play all day!
Each morning mommy takes you to Grandma’s and you fall asleep in the car on the way there. You are usually still asleep once you are brought in and then mommy leaves to go to work. At lunchtime you get a special treat and mommy comes to spend some time with you and feed you! Much better than that old bottle! Then, only a little but longer its time for mommy to come back and get you to go home and hang out with Hunter! Sometimes we take walks – sometimes you are fussy during the walks. When you are fussy daddy or I will carry you the rest of the way and you fall right to sleep!

You are still sleeping in the room/bed with me but for good reasons. We are having an issue with the monitors so that is one major reason at the moment. You are such a strong girl! You are holding your head up and you like to “stand” on us when we are holding you. Sometimes when you are angry you flex your legs so hard I feel as if you really are about to stand on your own! You scoot around on your back trying to move around. There are so many noises you are making and you are starting to learn the sound of your voice. Your smiles are what really stick out the most. Sometimes you will just look at something smile so big and crack yourself up! You have started “talking back” to us with coos of excitement! You still love your baths and hate to sleep on your back.

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