Boob Job

I never wanted one – ever. I never really even cared what was on my chest between dancing and running they would have gotten in my way. After college I gain about 10 lbs and “filled out” a little to a full B. The end of my pregnancy with Hudson I was a D and then after I lost the weight I was a C – almost back to a B. NOW while breastfeeding I am a DD. I was running in the parking lot the other day (from the car back into the hotel) and OMG. It hurt soooo bad. Ironically I had decided (prior to running for all of 1.5 seconds) that the following week I would start back running – since I was not allowed while pregnant. Yeah, not so much going to start back now.

Hunter, Heidi, and I have started walking again though! I have 16 more pounds to go to be at pre-pregnancy weight. My 10-year high school reunion is in a month and it would be nice to have at least 8-10 more pounds gone by then. I guess we shall see what happens!!


3 thoughts on “Boob Job

  1. you need to get you a jogging stroller girl!! just wait until after you stop breastfeeding…i never thought about “enhancing” but I sure am now!!! they say it is just pregnancy that does that to you and not breastfeeding, but i TOTALLY disagree. After we lost Tatum everything (well in the boob area) went back to normal. Now, after 6 months of breasfeeding I am proudly one whole cup size smaller. just a small price to pay though for such joy!!


  2. Hey Kimberly, I'm right there with you on running. running+breastfeeding=PAIN! but i have found that the enell bra is way better in supporting you and I can kind of slowly jog now. also, be careful on too much weight loss in a short time. i know you want to get the weight off (so did i), but i started losing too quickly and my milk supply went way down. i'm back up to 1800 calories/day, milk supply is better but i'm not really losing much anymore. they say you should only lose 1 lb/wk while breastfeeding. good luck!


  3. I never understood either until after I had Carleigh. My boobs were still pretty good after Kyndra but after Carleigh it's like they deflated!! Prolly from being stretched out so much. I'm back up to a D right now and no doubt will be a DD after Lainey is born and I'm BFing.


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