Thank You Notes

Usually I am very on top of sending thank you notes. It was always instilled in my family to send thank you notes and so I have always sent them. I even sent thank you notes after job interviews. Well, flash forward to present day. I am still writing thank you notes from my two baby showers and for Heidi’s presents we have been receiving the past few months in the mail. We have been so blessed with friends and family that have thought of us and bought things to send to Heidi. I know exactly why I am so late with writing and sending the notes. I didn’t want to have to retract the thank you if we didn’t need the items we were given. I didn’t want to have to ask, “what would you like me to do with this item” if we weren’t bringing a baby home this time. I knew I would not want to keep the items is BG wasn’t going to be here with us. I feel rude being so late with sending out the thank you notes, but I know why I had to do it this way. I guess there are so many things that emotionally are hard to do and “get over” even when things are going so well.

So – if you read this blog and you have sent us something please know that you’re gift is appreciated and I hope to have my cards sent out very soon! We have not forgotten to thank you and we are truly blessed by you! It would have been easier if I had written them out before Heidi arrived since she takes up all of my time now, but I know my intentions were in the right place.


One thought on “Thank You Notes

  1. It's been awhile since I've stopped by to check on you! Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful Miss Heidi…she is gorgeous. And, you are glowing with joy…I'm so happy for you…

    And, I understand too what you wrote about in this post. Saying good-bye to sweet Hudson changed forever the way you feel about “expecting” a baby…we know that we can never take that for granted, because we don't know what may happen.

    I'm so glad you will get to do your “thank yous”…

    Love to you and continued prayers…

    PS…and I'm so glad you decided to join us for this segment of WWY…I hope it will be an encouragement to the mothers participating…


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