Happy 4th of July!

This was Heidi’s first 4th of July/Holiday (besides Father’s Day)! We all had a great time! My college roomie Katie came in town on Friday night with Matt and Frances. Saturday we went to my sister’s house for my “margarita night” – aka my first drink! It was a fun time! We lit a few fireworks and sparklers. Hubert, my brother-in-law, purchased some fireworks, but instead of going the extra 15 miles to South Carolina he purchased the Wal-mart version. He went to lite the first one and yelled, “Fire in the hole!!” thinking it was going to be some huge explosion. Nope, it never left the ground. It was hilarious! The kids each got a little bucket with shovels and some sparklers. My niece Olivia was holding hers and kept saying, “This is so awesome!”. It was too adorable! Heidi slept through the fireworks show…

Sunday we went over to Vicki’s house again and had a day at the pool with hamburgers and hotdogs. I brought over brownies – that I kept forgetting were in the oven for some reason. Heidi had on her cute little 4th of July outfit, but eventually we took it off and let her just hang out in her diaper. It was such a hot day. We had a great time hanging out with friends and family.

Monday Heidi and I went back over to my sister’s to see my aunt that had also come into town. She wanted to see little Heidi 🙂 In the afternoon our friends Lance and Stacy stopped by on their way through town. They were on their way to pick up Harper in Perry and wanted to see little Heidi. At night we went downtown with the family and ate at Tubby’s, walked Riverstreet, and ate ice cream! It was such a great night! I had my first “in public” nursing experience – nursing on Riverstreet. Hmm…it was not too bad. You would never think that I would be one to nurse in the public eye (I had on my cover of course), but it seems so natural to do it because when Heidi needs to eat, she needs to eat! Everyone else can eat in public, why not Heidi?

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