Project 365 – Day 117

Remember the Triscuit incident at work? We have a new food incident! I always have food at work in case I need a quick snack. I keep a jar of peanut butter very handy because I can just dip into it with a spoon and then it will help me if I feel like my sugar levels are too low. Today I brought a banana and I thought that the peanut butter would be a great treat to eat with it! WELL, I went to open the jar and the lid was loose – THEN there were dips in it….as in someone had stuck their fingers into the jar of peanut butter. Not only that, but there was peanut butter on the side of the jar from having it on their fingers. GROSS AND RUDE!! Who does that? Seriously? I mean I don’t even know whose hands got into it, if they were clean, or anything. My day was ruined…

I told the guys at work that if they did it that was disgusting and they deserve to be shot. They blamed the kids (as in my niece and nephew). I told them I knew it wasn’t them because they always ask me for my snacks. Someone owes me a box of Triscuits and a jar of peanut butter…

One thought on “Project 365 – Day 117

  1. That is gross if they stuck their fingers in it! It's so rude when people do that. That happens at my work too and it's happened to me! So now I keep my lunchbox in the fridge and keep everything in that and zipped up. It lessens the chance of somebody taking something.


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