Project 365 – Day 104

So – today I had a moment of weakness. I was starving – I went to Wendy’s and got the Spicy chicken sandwich meal. OH.MY.GOODNESS – it tasted like a little bit of Heaven in your mouth. I really have no idea why it tasted so good. Now all I want to eat is this sandwich and meal. To let you in on a little secret – I had one for dinner too, opps! Ever since last summer I have been working hard in changing my eating habits – not that they were bad or good, but they could be much better. Fast food was definitely something I had cut out. Growing up I never had a problem keeping the weight off, but it took me awhile to get all of the pregnancy weight off and I was already weighing more than I wanted to when I got pregnant in the first place. By solely changing my diet I was able to get to 10 lbs under pre-pregnancy weight before becoming pregnant with BG. Just think how its going to be when I actually am able to start exercising again after BG as well and the diet changes! I will also have less weight to lose because right now I am at 27lbs total for weight gain and with Hudson I was at 30lbs at 30 weeks. I am looking forward to breaking out the jogging stroller and catching up on some of the 5k runs I have missed out on.


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