BG’s Shower

Today BG was honored by a fantastic shower locally. It was hosted by my sister, Lanae, Lisa, April, and Lyndsey. BG was given so many nice things and I know she is jumping with joy ready to try out all of her gifts! There are so many cute clothes for her to wear! I don’t think she will ever have to wear an outfit twice 🙂 During the day I was exhausted – seriously. I almost fell asleep on the way home. I am not sleeping that well at night – from getting up to tinkle, Hunter and his antics, or the strange dreams – it leaves me so tired during the day. I think my face shows it in most of the pictures as well. Only a few more weeks! Well, a few more weeks and then still no sleep, but that kind of “no sleep” will be just fine by me!

The hostesses

Me – almost 35 weeks & Lauren – almost 31 weeks

After the shower I made it home safely and took a nap with Hunter. I was supposed to go to a dance rehearsal to teach my part of the opening number, BUT I received a phone call telling me the rehearsal had been cancelled. As much as I enjoy going to dance I was truly relieved to have the extra sleep time! At night we had Bonnie’s 30th Surprise Birthday Party! Bonnie and I are in a small group together and I have enjoyed getting to know her the past few months. She owns an interior design business locally – so if you are a local blog reader and are in need of some help in decoration check out her website for Xpressions & Designs Savannah.


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