34 Week Update

How Far Along?: 34 weeks

Total Weight Gain?: 25 lbs.

Maternity Clothes?: Yep! Although I did wear a non-maternity dress to a wedding over the weekend 🙂

Sleep?: NO – and it does not help when Hunter paws the end of the bed wanting to snuggle up…or that I sweat, really sweat at night. I am normally such a cold-natured person.

Best Moment This Month?: Ultrasound central – having one each week 🙂

Movement?: A lot of movement now. Ever since my breakdown she has not stopped moving. At the doctor’s appointment BG would not slow down for anything!

Body Changes/Labor Signs?: Contractions here and there; pinching when she moves her head which is SO LOW; swelling if I am outside or standing too long.

Belly Button?: mostly flat unless she is right behind it kicking or poking her butt out.

What I Miss: Have I mentioned wine before??? shaving my legs (which I do, but not very comfortably)

What I Am Looking Forward To: Having BG here and being able to call her by her name that is just too adorably cute 🙂

John and I went to the doctor yesterday and had another BPP (bio-physical profile) which measures things like tone, breathing, movement, size, heartbeat, fluid, etc. Everything looked great and BG was moving up a storm. BG is calculated at weighing 6lbs. 2ozs. which is 1lbs. 5ozs. bigger than 2 weeks ago. According to everyone I pass on the street I will not be making it to my due date – which is totally fine with me, as long as BG is ready to come out.

We are still working on the nursery – well, not really, but we did finally move the bed out of the room. John is to begin/finish painting on Monday and then all we are really waiting on is the furniture and some more bedding. Which reminds me – I still need to order material for the valances…We do have a bassinet so if she arrives before the furniture we are set. So…I think that is the update for now – very boring, but boring is good 🙂

Oh – and join the baby pool!! http://bebepool.com/BGHenninger – the winner will have an opportunity to hold BG 🙂 haha! No, there will be a small prize for the winner 🙂


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