Made It

So today is the mark, around this time, at the same point in the pregnancy I am currently that I ran to the hospital with the intuition something was wrong with Hudson. I have made it to the mark that has scared (still scares!) me to death. Nevertheless I am still filled with the worries of an expectant parent while I sit as a incubator for BG. Luckily BG has been moving around like crazy the past few days and it gives me a very nice reassurance that everything is going to be okay. Tomorrow we have our 30 week appointment, one I never imagined getting to again, and hopefully we’ll be having an ultrasound. I am still on the fence about being induced because I really feel like I will go on my own early anyways. I do think having an ultrasound would help me see exactly where I am at and what we can do from here on out.


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