Just Coincidences

Okay – so its strange, but things are happening. Things that happened when I was around 28 weeks with Hudson and its making me nervous. BG is moving around just fine and that helps a lot, but everything happening around me is about to make me go crazy. Between 28-30 weeks with Hudson the following happened: 2 friends called their weddings off, I was scheduled to have a baby shower in Atlanta, a friend had a miscarriage (which later I found out 2 friends), and I had tickets (and went) to a comedy event. Within 28 weeks until I reach 30 weeks with BG the following is scheduled to happen: John’s cousin has called her wedding off (we found out today), I have a baby shower next weekend in Atlanta, and I have tickets to see Bon Jovi on Thursday. The devil is really playing mind games with me as I approach this emotional milestone and as BG’s arrival (healthy and alive arrival) approaches. I just keep telling myself it all coincidences…nothing is going to happen. Everything is fine. Everything is going to be fine.


2 thoughts on “Just Coincidences

  1. Your not the only one! I feel like I am repeating last year just in a different pregnancy…

    I am only 16 days further along in this pregnancy with Seth than I was this time last year with Wyatt…

    The entire pregnancy we've gone to Florida for visits with our family, had ultrasounds, and even a dinner party… Joseph even bought me flowers the same timing as he did last year in my pregnancy (17 weeks)… everything's has just been really familiar, like deja vu. It really freaks me out sometime!


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