Project 365 – Day 50

Ahh…the coveted golden egg. Did you have one at your egg hunts? Are you a kid that has a melt down about not getting the egg? Are you a 60+ year old man that cherishes the memory of finding the golden egg when you were in 2nd grade?

Last year Hugh had a complete meltdown when Emily found the golden egg – if I could figure out how to upload from our camcorder I would. He came charging at John who had the camera, throwing his basket around…it was hilarious. That’s when we heard the story of a lonely little 2nd grader that was ready at the starting line for his egg hunt. He sees his mom kick over a rock; he runs other to her and there it is…the golden egg! That egg was the only egg he found in the egg hunt. That little boy? My dad.

This year both kids were on a mission – find that golden egg. There is a golden egg and a silver egg and if you find one you cannot find the other, but who wants to settle for second? The kids were off – leaving eggs everywhere in search of that precious plastic golden egg. Emily went straight for where she found the prized egg last year. Both kids searched and searched, picking up a measly little candy filled egg here and there while on their search. Then we hear it – the scream of joy, “I found the golden egg!!” Who found it? Hugh did. Emily was fine – then apparently Hubert said something about Hugh getting to find the silver egg and then it happened. The Easter meltdown we are waiting for each year. Emily throws her basket down eggs fly everywhere and she yells, “That’s not fair, we have RULES about that!” and runs towards the house screaming “I hate Easter egg hunts!!”. John got it all on video once again. I can’t wait until these kids start dating…

Anyways – the misunderstanding was made clear and Emily was back to hunting for the less coveted silver egg. She found it nestled in a bird house. The catch this year? Both eggs bared the same prize 🙂 Jokes on them!!

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