Project 365 – Day 37

Today when I came home I had the cutest little package! One of the first thoughts a sorority mom has, once they are finding out they are having a little girl, is dreams of their little girl in their sorority – a true legacy. I have the same thoughts for my niece’s but its not the same.

In college I joined Alpha Delta Pi – and I absolutely LOVED every minute of it. I knew only 2 girls in the sorority when I joined and I hardly knew anyone that was in the Greek system at all. I remember I really wanted to rush, but my parents were hesitant about it; you know, all the stereotypes about sorority life and such. My mom went to a Greek life seminar at the orientation for college with me and I guess something about that changed her mind and I was allowed to rush. I think it also had to do with the fact that I was moving 3 hours away from home and I would only know about 6 other people – they wanted to make sure I was happy and would have a great time in college. My senior year in ADPi my parents were sad that they were attending their very last Parent’s Weekend event. I know they have never regretted the decision in letting me join ADPi and I think they are still amazed at how I grew by being a member. My mom even knew how important my sorority sisters were/are and made little ribbons for them to wear as honorary bridesmaids at my wedding; she did the same thing for John’s Kappa Sigma brothers as well.

To get to the point. I came home to a package from my pledge sister – whom I also share a birthday with. We were also initiated into ADPi on our birthday ๐Ÿ™‚ Amanda is a very special friend whom I have remained in close contact with the past years after leaving Valdosta. Talented, very talented is how I can describe Amanda. She has even started her own business making cakes – visit her website to check them out! The picture for today is so special – a painting by Amanda. I absolutely adore and LOVE this. I cannot wait to find a special place to hang this in BG’s room. It’s a start to the ADPi items she will have ๐Ÿ™‚

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