20 Weeks Update

A blog that I read does this in her updates, so I thought I would “steal” the idea for mine.

How far along? 20 weeks

Total Weight Gain? 9lbs

Maternity Clothes? Mostly – I am still in my Bella Band, but about once a week I wear some form of maternity pants. Shirts are mostly maternity because they are long enough to cover the belly šŸ™‚

Sleep? Sometimes! I wake up about 3-4 times a night to use the restroom. I have the craziest dreams that I would rather not talk about because they are too strange and sometimes outright embarrassing to even discuss. Just thinking of them makes me blush.

Best Moment this Month? Having a package arrive in the mail from my friend Aly with her hospital style doppler!! I saw that package on the stoop and opened it like a kid opening presents on Christmas day! That and all of the movement from our little girl.

Movement? Yes! Keep on moving little girl! It helps momma’s anxiety šŸ™‚

Labor Signs/Body Changes? Nothing with labor; body changes – what’s not changing??

Belly Button In/Out? In – thank goodness! I will put tape over it again if it pokes out.

What I Miss? Currently my Triscuits that someone at work ate….don’t they know not to take food from a pregnant woman?? They will! I also miss the filter for sarcasm.

What I am Looking Forward To: Having this baby!

We had our 20 week check-up today with Judy and all is well in Henninger babyland! Heartbeat was in the 150’s, blood pressure was great, all the other things were great…so far so good! We go back in 4 weeks for our 24 week check-up and the dun dun dun….GD test…oh joy. I just love drinking that flat soda and sitting there for an hour waiting.


8 thoughts on “20 Weeks Update

  1. hehe look at Hunter in the pic! šŸ™‚

    Wow, you're 20 wks already! Does it seem like time is going fast or slow for you b/c all the preggie mommies I read about seem to go by fast for me! I sometimes can't believe how far along they are already!


  2. Wow 20 wks already , glad things are going good. Keeping you close in prayer and great pics too. I had crazy dreams too my last pregnancy plus all those trips to the potty.
    Take care


  3. Looking good for 20 weeks. You have that cute pregnant belly. You should keep your Triscuits right next to you at all times. How dare some one eat your food.! Grrr.

    Glad to hear all is going well. Thinking about you and the family always.


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