18 Weeks

Today we went to see the specialist again for the anatomy scan and possible amniocentesis. The ultrasound looked great! All parts were there and where they were supposed to be. Everything measured normal! The nucheal fold (which is what it is called at this stage rather than nucheal translucency) measured just great. Basically had we never even had that ultrasound at 10 weeks we would have never known there was a possibility something could be wrong. With all of this information, with the screening at my 12 week appointment, and after talking to the doctor today we feel great about not having the amniocentesis.

It took us awhile to come to this decision. I was originally completely against it, then I decided I would wait and see what the ultrasound said, then I decided yes, and today was a no. I asked the doctor what percentage of abnormalities from Trisomy 13 and 21 could be seen on the ultrasound and she said about 80-90%could be detected. Those are the two I was concerned about – those of fatal nature. I know there are other chromosomal issues that could be out there, but that is fine – it’s the fatal ones I personally needed to be most prepared for. So, after discussion with John and a short potty break we decided that we would not risk the chance of a miscarriage in having the procedure.

It was the bathroom break that made my decision. I took a long look at myself in the mirror and thought about the fact that we have SOOO many family, friends, strangers, SOOO many people praying for us and this baby that wouldn’t it be testing my faith to have this done?Wouldn’t it be saying that I don’t believe that God has His hand on this child making sure that we are having a healthy baby? It may seem a little strange to think like that, but that’s what made my final decision. I felt that by having the procedure would be me not believing in God’s power. I know that the power of prayer is going to keep this baby alive and healthy. I cannot express my gratitude enough to each of you for keeping our family in your prayers.

Oh, and the news some of you are probably dying to know – it’s a GIRL 🙂 She was weighing in at 9 ounces. No names yet, and we probably will not have one until its time to sign the birth certificate. Plus, its more fun to keep everyone in suspense!!


9 thoughts on “18 Weeks

  1. Kimberly! I am definately still praying for you and what good news! I am so glad that your baby GIRL is growing healthy and that everything looks okay. You are almost half way done- the rest of the road will of course be— 'up and down' but you can do it!!! Would love to send your baby girl a little something (when and if you share a name– or initials!!)


  2. I am so glad to hear that things went well at the Dr I have been stalking your blog to get the full story for a few days now. CONGRATS on your litle girl! Oh and just wanted to let you know I mailed that doppler out (again.I figured out that it was my fault it didn't get there the first time. I put the wrong city and zip, however it was the right address HAHAHA. Sorry it has taken me so long to get it back out to you. It should be there in the next day or two.


  3. I have been praying for you and thinking about you daily. Every Sunday I pray especially hard for my pregnant blog moms. With as many beating hearts praying in Sunday service I know the message has to get to him. I am so glad to hear good news from you. Congrats on baby girl. Cannot wait to see what names you have for ideas.


  4. So excited to hear good news!! Praise God that your little princess looks amazingly healthy! I am still praying for your health and for peace for you and your family.



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