I forgot to let you know there are still fun things going on in my life 🙂 I am not just a ball of doom over here! Tuesday we went out to dinner with our small group. The Sunday before we all went to the church Christmas play and it was excellent! After the play we went to eat and John and I laughed harder and more than we have in a LONG time. It was such a great time.

At this past dinner we had planned on going bowling afterwards, but our bellys were full and our eyelids were heavy. We are saving the bowling for next week. Below is a picture of us and our group!

This weekend I also got to visit with a friend that I have not seen in a very long time. We went to high school together and then to Valdosta together. She and I lived together for a little while we were in Valdosta. Shannon is now married with two beautiful little girls and lives in New Hampshire. Picture is below – got to love the Will Ferrell face in the background 🙂
Small group

Shannon and I


One thought on “Dinner

  1. Glad you guys had a nice dinner out with people you love and who love you. can you please send me your mailing address to cortneyschwalbe@yahoo.com? i wanted to invite you to be apart of a special celebration we're having for our son's birthday. hope you all have a peaceful christmas…i know it will probably be hard without hudson and we will be praying for you both.


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